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With their amazing ability to escape all obstacles by flight and their regular annual migrations, birds rule the skies. They know no boundaries. Since time immemorial they have inspired humanity's dreams and embodied man's yearning to fly.

Pyramids of Gise Since time immemorial, there have been countless myths, legends and stories in cultures all over the world in which birds or bird-like crea-tures play a leading part. From winged messengers of the gods through Zeus, who changed himself into an eagle, the firebird of an-cient India, the ibis in ancient Egypt, the hangart in Mongolia, to the sun and moon, which take on the form of flying creatures. Even today, primitive peoples still interpret the voice, flight and behaviour of birds. In Germany, many coats of arms and also the Federal eagle illustrate the high regard for the symbolic properties that were and are associated with bird species. Phrases like "free as a bird" show the close link between man and birds. Often, birds also symbolise honour, power and gentleness.

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