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Current status - Mother of the sunbirds

Birds was born in Cologne, which is its home. In 1997, the Birds concept and the mother bird were awarded the EUROSOLAR N.V. international solar art prize. The city of Cologne provided the mother sunbird with a nesting place on the bank of the Rhine, in the immediate vicinity of the museum island.

The Cologne bird stands for homeland and sponsorship of the Birds project, and unlike the planned fledgling sunbirds it has no specific meaning as yet.

The first sunbird sculpture was created by Odo Rumpf in several stages, in close cooperation with Uwe Schauff. The components used include weathered objects from heavy industry, agriculture, mining, households and 2nd World War weapon manufacturers. Iron and steel are fundamental materials in the development of 20th century prosperity, but also in weapons of war. They bear witness to times gone by.

The objects were found in the materials 'cemeteries' of industrial and agricultural associations between France and Poland. They come together as if each individual part had fitted itself in the course of time to the bird's design, by means of weathering and deformation.

Mother of the sunbirds
Eurosolar Prize
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