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The mobile structure utilises the dynamic of delicate balance. The wing masses are in balance with the bodyweight. By using highly efficient solar energy, the heavy bird comes to life with a gentle wing beat.

Solarzelle Energy is obtained from sunlight with the aid of solar cells on the wings. At the heart of the mechanism is a microprocessor specially developed for the purpose. The computer drives servomotors which start the bird vibrating by displacing the masses in a self-optimising way. The software is capable of identifying changes in the natural frequency and uses self-adjustment to achieve the optimum operating point.

The bases for using the drive system in a sculpture of any size were created with the aid of models and computer simulations. The modular conception of the mechanism and all mechanical components are designed to withstand extreme weather and climatic conditions and to require minimum maintenance.

The sculpture is linked to a central monitoring and documentation point via data transmission. The whole system can be supplemented by web cams.

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