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A sunbird acquires its significance as a result of the initiative taken in its new home. Working with local artists, Cologne-based artist Odo Rumpf designs a solar sculpture using objects found in the relevant area. Erection and inauguration of the bird sculpture are preceded by a discussion of the message, the symbolism, the appearance and the site with artists, musicians, poets, politicians and businessmen.

The Birds project group which has grown up around artist Odo Rumpf currently consists of Uwe Schauff (computer technology), Li Daerr (TV documentation), Ralph Quabeck (Management), Dr Walter Schulz (Vorstand Verein Solarvögel e.V., Köln) and Herwig Bertelmann. The project group sees itself as initiating the sunbird project and welcomes specific collaboration. The project is supported by Solarvogel e.V. association for the promotion of art and culture and a group of friends and sponsors.

Contact: Projekt Birds c/o Ralph Quabeck – Hornstr. 85, 50823 Köln Tel. +49.(0)221.599020 Fax. +49.(0)221.5993963 e-mail: